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I received my fan on Saturday and then installed it Sunday morning. First impression was just now nicely built this fan is. When I finally removed the OEM fan, I stood there wondering how GM made a decision to put that in such a high end vehicle. It looks cheap. By contrast, Mike’s fan fits like a glove and had I not known beforehand, I would have guessed his fan was the OEM fan and the GM fan was an aftermarket cheap alternative.
I dropped his fan in, started the truck, turned on the AC and within seconds, the fan came on. Took it out for a drive and it never went over 200 degrees. Happy to be able to drive my R again thanks to Mike.
If you don’t have his fan yet, get one. My OEM fan looks brand new with no external signs of malfunction or breakdown but left me with a 260 degree overheating headache.
Thanks again Mike for your product and customer service. I couldn’t be happier.
Brian :silver:

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Overheating issues how do I find Mike?
[email protected]

and while you are waiting, you might go to New Members Forum and start a thread to introduce yourself and give us a bit of background on you and your SSR. You might also go to User CP under TOOLS and find Your Profile and update it so when others are reading your posts they have some idea who is talking.
Welcome to the family form one of the SoCal Nuts.
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