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Thanks for Posting ROPE! I was at the sale 2 years ago, the trucks brought "Market Value". I see 2 - 6 speeds in the sale.....................

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These are the guys

Lot 3153 is 1GCES14P83B103267
I have no history on it
Redline 2003

Lot 185 1GCES14H25B116835
MY 2005 Aqua Blur is a WD1 Pilot - one of the early 6sp

Lot 112.1 - again, I don't have a lot of history
1GCES14H05B118163- Aqua Blur
I see it as body colour boards, likely body colour gauges and had the ERJ option, Aqua Blur strips in the carpet bed

Lot 56
Pac Blue no chrome 6sp body colour pack and carpet
This one has a ding recorded in /09 - last owner I have recorded is Vincent Simpson in Alamonte Springs FL
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