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They have a car show there 1st sunday of every month thru Oct. Next onre is August the 7th. Noon to 2:30 is registration. I can't remember if awards are at 4 or 5 pm. Is anyone up for it. I can be there. I would like to meet some more of my SSR freinds.

Might see you there?

Bob. :thumbs :ssr :seeya

The first Sunday of every month (May-October) Bass Pro Shops in Bricktown and the Military Car Club will host a car show!
Free T-shirt and Dash plaque to the first 50 entries on 5-1-2005
Show time is 1:00pm to 5:00 pm
Registration is from 1:00 pm to 2:15 pm
Awards are at 5:00 pm

Competition classes are as follows:
Pre 50s cars thru 2000s
Street Rod/ T-Bucket Roadsters
Muscle Car
Import Car Corvette and Open Car
Pre- 50s Truck and Open Truck
Mini Truck and Open Truck
Motorcycles Welcome

21 Classes with 48 great awards
4 Best of Show Awards
Managers Pick
C.A.R.S. Pick

For More Information please call Jim at 972-567-0204 or Christy at 214-683-2688

I just copy and paste thats easyer. Kinda like Worser. :lol :lol

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MMMM??? This sounds like a road trip I could make, And BobA as many times as you have come south I think it would be only fair for us to head north. Might be able to fit in the Decatur Court House Car Cruise the night before!!!

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I forgot about the court house cruise, might have to come down there the day before also. I will call to see if there is an entry fee. You don't have get in the show thou. :thumbs :ssr :flag :seeya
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