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I was on my way to town last Monday and a dude in a Sonoma was travelling on an ajacent gravel road. It was clear that he was transfixed on my SSR.
Checking out the ride, he gawked just a little to long and off the road he went.
Not much damage but he got a great look when I came to his rescue. I drove him home so he got a ride as well, he told me it was worth it just to get in.
Tell us your best, I sure am having fun with my #201
Scott Doran

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Heres one. The other day my wife went to the movies with a couple of her girl friends. She didn't bring up our new addition to the family because she didn't want to have to explain what an SSR is. On the way home one of the girls mentioned that she saw a car at the local Chevy dealer and fell in love with it. She was going on and on and finally mentioned that it was, you guessed it, an SSR. When my wife was asked if she ever heard of it she very calmly said "Oh, yes, we have one."
I then had to spend some time showing off the new addition instead of hitting the sack at 11:00 at night. :thumbs

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another story

Our SSR belongs to my Wife - RED 2003.
She was at the dry cleaners picking up clothes and they had about 3 ladies in line and 2 guys.

One guy looked out in the parking lot and saw the SSR and said man that's a pretty truck you got there talking to the other man. The other guy said - mines the vw. The guy looked at all the ladies confused and my wife was grinning and said that's mine.

He smiles and said - has it got a Hemi in it?

She said No, that would be a Dodge.

He says honey do you know what a hemi even is?

She began to explain the hemi-spherical head they have and he just shut up and quit talking.

The other Ladies - were grinning big time.

Case Closed.
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