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another story

Our SSR belongs to my Wife - RED 2003.
She was at the dry cleaners picking up clothes and they had about 3 ladies in line and 2 guys.

One guy looked out in the parking lot and saw the SSR and said man that's a pretty truck you got there talking to the other man. The other guy said - mines the vw. The guy looked at all the ladies confused and my wife was grinning and said that's mine.

He smiles and said - has it got a Hemi in it?

She said No, that would be a Dodge.

He says honey do you know what a hemi even is?

She began to explain the hemi-spherical head they have and he just shut up and quit talking.

The other Ladies - were grinning big time.

Case Closed.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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