I am finally able to make a proper listing.

We have a 2004 A/T in Slingshot Yellow. Stock. 79,200 miles.

My grandmother gave me her SSR a couple years back. She is no longer able to drive and my wife and I feel called overseas as missionaries. We are looking to sell the SSR.
It was a blessing to many people over the last couple years. We drove away from our wedding in it, we’re able to give the kids at church rides with the top down, and we were able to loan it out the last 6 months when a friend of our’s car caught on fire.
My desire is that it goes to someone who is able to care for it. It needs a little cosmetic work, but runs like new.

(My dad and his friend call it the banana car or the yellow submarine)

It is currently garaged here in Kingman. I could have it delivered if needed.

Ill post more pictures below. Let me know if you have any questions.