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Cooking With The Bible:
Newlyweds Kaitlyn and Brandon were having an argument about who should brew the coffee. Brandon said, "You're in charge of cooking, so you should do it." Kaitlyn replied, "No, you should do it because it says in the Bible that the man makes the coffee." Brandon was shocked to hear this and asked his beautiful new blonde wife to show him the passage. Full of excitement, Kaitlyn ran to the Good Book to prove for the first time how wrong her new husband was. She opened the Bible and pointed to where it said: "HEBREWS"

Blondie takes a vacation:
A young couple are about to go on a holiday. The guy is waiting for his blonde girlfriend at the airport, when she arrives carrying a door. "What are you carrying?!" Blonde replies: "You know how burglars break down the front door to get into houses?" Boyfriend "Yeah?" Blonde: "Well, if I take my front door with me, then burglars can't break the door down, which means they can't get in and take anything."Boyfriend: "Ok then. What are you going to do if you lose the door, or if the door breaks?" Blonde: "I thought of that. I left one of the side windows open so I can get in through there."

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