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OK...If the factory Bose Radio, amp and speakers are replaced,

1. What size fits in stock placements (speakers)

2. What effect does this have on any systems in the vehicle? (Removal of Head Unit)

3. What is behind the bass driver in the door? The driver itself looks inverted with the magnet on the ouside of the speaker cone. I need to know if the door will allow a standard speaker with or without modification.

4. Am I better off doing a "relo" on factory Head Unit?

5. What if any problems am I looking at pulling door panels and dash???

I have read most of the posts about speakers and radios here and there seems to be a difference in oppinion on speaker size and what is lost in headunit swap. I would like definitive answers and not hearsay or I guesses please.

I know there are aftermarket adapters for factory wiring, digital control and IR for volume and select from stering wheel.

I will be installing an Eclipse Head Unit with Navagation. I don't have the part# at present. I will also be using JL Audio speakers and amps.

Any detailed info would be great. URLS to info also would be great.

Thanks in advance for all of your help.



Hey Scott, call Mike at Boomers audio. it is a local shop here in Tulsa. in sealed and dynomatted boxes, he got 9" midrange morel speakers right where the bass speakers were. 4" badboy morel tweetes where the stock tweeters are. the doors and I don't know what else was dynomated, except everything that should have been. Open the doors and it looks stock. It sucked with the factory head unit. so we put a`clarion deck in the dash. 10' sub behind pass seat. you have to leave the bose amp in the SSr some where. not a problem. Same guy that done my alarm and top up and down by remote. He is putting a kenwood or Panasonic touch screen dvd indash with backup camera. the alarm with remote top. going to move the bose amp to a different location. then he can put a sealed dynomated box in the roof hole and it will come out the two holes for the midrange stock speakers are. 10" treo will "git er dun" . will take out the 10" 2" deep blaunket behind passenger seat. probably lost a 1" of seat travel at the most with it there. just the full size sub will kick it better. But 1st to the paint shop mon to get the front and back chevy gold emblems redlined along with the outside door pulls. just be real careful if you take pass. seat out it is perrty eazy to mess up the air bag wires to the side airbag. Mike would be happy to help you with anything you might want to know. he's been all over both of mine. Mike; 918-664-7756; 9am- 6pm mon thru sat. the man knows his stuff. mine is for clear sound up loud. no bump, bump. it will tickle your butt good if you turn up the volume enough. he fine tunes the amps and every thing before you get it back. Just do not expect a fast job, but a very good finished product. :thumbs :ssr :flag :ssr :seeya

ps: so by june 3 this should all be done. might have to try to get down to decatur saturday the 4th to see some of my new freinds if any are going.

pm me with your phone # i will call you and visit with you. I can be more specific. Zappco amps made in germany assembled in the USA. They have a cheaper version out tha is assembled in china or some where lik that. Ask your radio guy about morel speakers. they are not cheap but they are awesome. :thumbs :ssr :flag :ssr :seeya

After all this is some thing going into a SSr. not just any vehicle. :lol :lol

I have posted pictures. do a search and you will find mine and others. I am upgrading in two weeks, head unit and sub, will post new then. :ssr :flag :seeya

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Okay I just purchased my new stereo from Tweeters here in Austin,

Listed below:

1 - Kenwood DDX7015 Head Unit with DVD/Touchscreen/Nav/Sirius Dash/remote
1 - Audison AMP 60X4 5/3 LRX5600 Bed
4 - 6.5 Subs JL Audio Behind the seat
2 - 6.5 Two way speaker seperates JL Audio Doors
1 - .5 Capacitor Bed

Hopefully I will have it installed by the 15th of June!

Call me a poor man................ :seeya


thats what head unit i am putting in mine with XM. 10" sub treo where the bose amp and speakers are now. If you make it to decatur june 4 it will be installed. along with the remote top. will relocate the bose amp so all the little chimes will still work. :thumbs :ssr :flag :seeya
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