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OK...If the factory Bose Radio, amp and speakers are replaced,

1. What size fits in stock placements (speakers)

2. What effect does this have on any systems in the vehicle? (Removal of Head Unit)

3. What is behind the bass driver in the door? The driver itself looks inverted with the magnet on the ouside of the speaker cone. I need to know if the door will allow a standard speaker with or without modification.

4. Am I better off doing a "relo" on factory Head Unit?

5. What if any problems am I looking at pulling door panels and dash???

I have read most of the posts about speakers and radios here and there seems to be a difference in oppinion on speaker size and what is lost in headunit swap. I would like definitive answers and not hearsay or I guesses please.

I know there are aftermarket adapters for factory wiring, digital control and IR for volume and select from stering wheel.

I will be installing an Eclipse Head Unit with Navagation. I don't have the part# at present. I will also be using JL Audio speakers and amps.

Any detailed info would be great. URLS to info also would be great.

Thanks in advance for all of your help.

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