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aux audio

This seems to be what I need.

I didn't know how much the head unit was wired into the car's network.

From Pacific Accessory Corp faq page:
What is Class 2 in GM vehicles that everyone is hearing about lately?
Class 2 or Class B is really a in-vehicle network SAE J1850 protocol that GM has been using for many years. It just a new data protocol that a majority of vehicle computer modules uses, which share the same single data wire through out the vehicle.
Recently GM has now included the driver’s door module, passenger’s door module, rear seat audio controller, vehicle communication interface module or OnStar®, steering wheel audio controls, rear seat entertainment (RSE), CD changer, radio, DVD/Video, amplifier and XM radio as part of Class 2. Since these new modules are part of the audio system and security system, you are now hearing more about Class 2.

Connected to this same data wire is the Body Control Module (BCM), Powertrain Control Module (PCM), Transfer Case Shift Control Module, Heater & A/C controls (HVAC), Inflatable Restraint Sensing and Diagnostic Module, Theft Deterrent Control Module, Memory Seat Module, Drivers Information Center (DIC), Key/Lights/Seatbelt Chimes (most vehicles), Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC), Suspension Control Module, Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM) and other modules.
Something else I ran across seemed to say that aux units can be controlled by and put info onto the headunit's display via that network.

Specs for that capability is something I want to chase down.

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Someone on an earlier post mentioned a MP3 player being able to hook it up. I asked for more info but hadn't gotten yet. Also reading my manual while setting at Sonic. The AVOL is either off or on and has an inner autopilot system that makes it work. I did notice while sitting there playing with it that when I switched from on to off the volume changed. I think
it is so subtle that we can't tell it is working. Also the CD/Aux button is just that, in my Tahoe it says Aux instead of CD. The manual says push the CD/aux button when listening to the radio to hear the cd's.
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