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The local dealer has 6 SSR's on their lot. only 1 '05 the rest '04's. They are asking sticker on the new and dealing on the 04's. We were there looking for a used Tahoe, I was looking at the VIN#'s just to see, most in 11's The salesguy had a funny little story to tell about how the SSR isn't required to pass rollover compliance, but that a dealer in Michigan stacked a Corvette on a hydraulic lift in the garage and the SSR parked under it over night. The hydraulics failed and the corvertte was sitting on the SSR in the morning, with only minor scratches.
One another note, the Slingshot at this dealer had the passenger window up and outside the rubber seal, I told him about it and how some of us have had to have the windows adjusted. some of the other windows were misaligned too but not as bad as this one.
I still don't have my Tahoe, it is really hard to fine a LT5.3L with the third row seat.

I forgot.... We finally saw the Aqua Blur today and I was surprised how much I liked it, even on a overcast day it changed colors from every angel. Very cool, this dealer also has a Redline 04 with flames painted on the hood and fenders. Sorry I didn't have my camera with me.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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