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Brillant - forgot the picture

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Not sure how I missed it but here goes I'll try again.

A small dealer in Arkansas


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Kinda wish that was my garage.

Then I'd have to decide what color to drive!

Yes he is - this is a small dealer in Arkansas about 16 miles outside of Little Rock called Ray Chevrolet. They usually have some pretty good deals but I don't know what they are asking for their SSR's.

They also had a Black one just around the side out of the picture. Most of the vehicles they sell are Pickup Trucks and they don't even have a service department.

Not sure how a dealer this small got that many but it was a pretty sight.

You could reach them at:
Ray Chevrolet
1400 W Locust St
Cabot, AR 72023-2457
Phone: (501) 843-3592
Wow (times 4!)
$ 250,000 worth of SSR's.

You got to figure that if he has that many on the lot, the deals may not be that good.
many dealers trade cars with each other. Whe I was in the dealeship taking delivery of mine the GM was showing me numerous faxes that arrive daily from other dealers all over the country. They try to sell a "lot" according to him and some include SSRs. My dealer told me that some of them are greedy and want to take credit for the cars on GM books but he said many dealers don't trade with them. This particular fax had an SSR and an H2 on it if you'd take 10 other cars and trucks.
Small Dealers

I live in rural Oklahoma and my little dealer had the first two SSRs I got to see in person (?) In my search of dealers within three hours of me that had them, I too was surprised at the number of small dealerships on the list. I learned that all kinds of deals had been made between these guys to try and maximize the sales potential. They can review who is allotted units and when they will arrive (kind of) ahead of time and sometimes show trucks they don't even own. A dealer with $40K in one SSR can agree to let several dealers show it for a week or two, but only sell it for a predetermined minimum where both get a good profit. Other small dealers want to buy SSRs at over list from another dealer just for the attention and exposure it will bring, not necessarily to profit from the SSR sale. I wouldn't be surprised if some of these smaller guys are just as excited as we are to have 1, 2, 3, 4, or even 5 of them on display cause they're...fanatics. Five dealers could decide to allow each other to all show the one SSR each has for a period of time and then rotate to the next one. It looks to the passers by that this little guy had a handful one week and must have sold them all, since they're gone the next week. They really just moved to the next dealer in line (I'd like to see that transporter cruisin' down the freeway...more promotional exposure and attention).

I found a lot of them got stuck, too. They saw these things selling for $10K to $20K over and thought they could make a quick buck...but they weren't so quick. Now that we can buy them under list, they are struggling with how long to hang on. I called 5 dealers with an offer of $1K under, who all said they had more than that in the truck and declined, before number 6 agreed to my offer. They have to determine what the attention and "fun" factor is worth, because many of them will have to sell at a "loss". If they sold a dozen other vehicles to people who came in because the SSR caught their eye, they still come out ahead.

Interesting game.
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Love Note on my SSR

I went into a Sports Store and when I came out there was a note under the wiper blade"I love you and your car" also we were in South Beach for the boat show and I was at at gas station filling up when a young beautiful woman started to approach the car when she spotted my wife in the passenger seat (top was up) and she turned and booked!
jimbeard said:
I don't know what they are asking for their SSR's.

and they don't even have a service department
I gave them a call today and there asking 5K over on the ones they bought from other dealers and 2K over on there in stock ones, I give this dealer two thumps down ( I'd give them more but there's only two thumps per person ).

As for a service department I was told they do have one, but at that price who gives a ****.

Glad to see that picture


:thumbs :thumbs :thumbs :thumbs


:mad :mad :mad :leaving
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