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Broke Interior Door Mechanism

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Broke Interior Door Mechanism on drivers side. The door handle will not open the door. Got to get it into the shop first thing Monday. Have to put the window down and reach out the door...............

Anyone else have this problem & if so what happened?

Thank You
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Broke Door Handle

Reported on this problem last week. Talked to my service manager about it. He says it could take anywhere from a week til December to get the parts. They have never had this problem and don't really have the parts to fix. Might have to get the parts directly from the assembly line. Good luck with your fix.
Mike :cool
Semper Fi
Door Handle

Got mine back last week. Took the dealership two weeks to get the part. Works great. Kind of miss having to open the window and reach out to open the door. :cry
Mike :cool
Semper Fi
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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