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Brushed vs Polished Chrome

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Some ot the threads have covered what is takes to change the brushed chrome to polished for items like the grille bar. I couldn't seem to locate anything on the door handles (exterior). Since these are metal(?) can they just be polished or do they need re-plated to get to the polished chrome look?

Any insight from the fanatics out there?
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From what we have learned with the recent Grille Option we offered -
(Matching the OEM Top Bar finish)

There is a paint out there to refinish pretty much anything in Polished Chrome, we are currently using it on the Grille Set. It is very expensive, and difficult to say the least.

When used properly - it is awesome! Can be used to blend in scratches on a real polished liquid chrome almost.

If you wanted to change your Satin Chromes to Polished Chromes......I would suggest this process, but you will need a paint shop that wants to use it. :)

It can be done!! :cool
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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