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Buffy is real, cool, and gracious!

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Hey guys and gals, I am away from home in Atlanta on a multi-month contract computer systems assignment.

Buffy is one of our board moderators, as most of you know, and happens to live just north of Atlanta. He proactively contacted me a week or more ago, welcomed me, offered some local driving advice, and said he'd be in touch again soon.

Friday, he called me up and invited me to join him for dinner and a car show Saturday evening!

We ate at one of his favorite spots, the Marietta Diner, a wonderful 50s sort of place with chrome / stainless exterior walls, a diner format interior, fabulous food, and the greatest selection of really mouth watering desserts I have ever seen! We beat the lineups they get there by coming in early and eating at 5pm. By 6pm when we left, the lineup was huge!

Then, we caravaned over (he in his yellow SSR and me in my black) to Cartersville, a really neat small town place with a vibrant downtown and what turned out to be a very high quality car show! Some really high quality paint jobs, and some VERY clean customs and restorations. We got to hear what I told Buffy had to be the slowest idle I have EVER heard on a panhead Harley. As Buffy pointed out, you didn't need a tach - you could COUNT the pulses!

If you are wondering how far submerged Buffy is into cars, rest assured: he is in DEEP. He knew many of the exhibitors firsthand, recognized many of the individual cars, and was just plainly very at home and very happy to be there.

We discoveref that we have an awful lot in common (type of job, addiction to vehicles, food!), and will likely get together again soon.

So, I just wanted you all to know: Buffy is real, he's cool, and he's very gracious. It'd be tough finding a better moderator!

Buffy: Thanks for a great evening! Looking forward to more!

Jim G
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Diner on 41?

Buffy, is this the diner you guys went to, I think its the Marietta diner? I'm fond of the square, several great restraunts & bars there. :cheers
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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