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Bump Start

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I got a call from a Lansing Plant Employee last week, to find out how I liked my new SSR. In the course of conversation about two intermittant electrical problems I've had, that the dealer couldn't diagnose or repair, he asked if one of their electrical engineers could contact me. George and Mark both phoned me on Friday, after having talked to my dealer, and mentioned another feature on the SSR that I knew nothing about. BUMP START keeps the starter engaged for two to three seconds if you immediatly/accidentally release the key after turning it to start. They explained this can sometimes confuse the computer. I think it's great customer service on the part of GM to be contacting owners, and I especially appreciate the extra concern "George" has shown, even though they are not supposed to do troubleshoot and repair over the phone, by contacting my dealer with possible solutions to my problem. Thanks, GM employees!
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SSR Computer - Very Protective

Funny story about computer issues.....

We had too many vehicles in our shop, wanted to move the SSR, "just a bit" when GM was visiting...........

Key in ignition, in neutral, pushed her back just a bit, for a good angle so they could do photos......... no big deal right?

Key would NOT come out afterwards.......stuck!!! No turning, no nothing!! Couldn't start it. No power!!
Some kind of theft safety feature!! Very cool!!! Dealers couldn't tell us or GM reps how to fix..........secret is in the computer :yesnod

We finally spoke to a GM person at headquarters (thank goodness the team was with us to have that access) and found out how to rectify the "theft" issue.

For the security of everyones SSR's, I wont' post the "fix", but if ya ever needed to know, you can pm me.

Just be sure to NEVER , roll yer SSR a bit without it running! :willy:
Was pretty funny with all the Execs standing around, and keys in the ignition, and no one knew what to do next!! :lol :lol
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Bump Trick

:lol :lol I stepped right into that one!!

Took me forever to respond and cleanout PM's today :lol I didn't get to surf around and absorb much today -

Happy to Provide the Tip!!! Thanks to those who can spread the info ;) :flag
Ours Too!!

We found that also, just got in the habit of making sure we drove her more often, or at least started her up. That is one of the ways we found out about the bump start issue. :rolleyes:

Wondering still if the electronic securities or features draw too much when not in use. Good Luck!! I will PM you the information in regards to how we got our Key out, and solved that portion of the issue...........
Do keep us posted as to what they find as far as battery issues!!
1 - 3 of 79 Posts
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