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Bump Start

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I got a call from a Lansing Plant Employee last week, to find out how I liked my new SSR. In the course of conversation about two intermittant electrical problems I've had, that the dealer couldn't diagnose or repair, he asked if one of their electrical engineers could contact me. George and Mark both phoned me on Friday, after having talked to my dealer, and mentioned another feature on the SSR that I knew nothing about. BUMP START keeps the starter engaged for two to three seconds if you immediatly/accidentally release the key after turning it to start. They explained this can sometimes confuse the computer. I think it's great customer service on the part of GM to be contacting owners, and I especially appreciate the extra concern "George" has shown, even though they are not supposed to do troubleshoot and repair over the phone, by contacting my dealer with possible solutions to my problem. Thanks, GM employees!
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disconnect the driveshaft at the rearend , put tape around the u-joint, then
tie it up some how away from the yoke, reconnect when you get to your destination.
not more than a ten minute job.
1 - 1 of 79 Posts
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