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California SSR's Club!

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I spoke with an owner of a Black SSr the other day and they said they are trying to start a SSR Club in California. They sent me the following email for a meeting this weekend in Brentwood, CA. :cheers
Subject: SSR meeting 12:00noon, Feb.21, 2004 @ 1/4lb.

Hi all, lets try another meeting and hope we beat-out the rain this time. I sure hope we can all make this meeting on February 21st. by 12:00noon........We will meet at the same 1/4lb. Big Burger across the Street from Brentwood Dodge (8085 Brentwood Boulevard) on the corner
If you can't make this meeting let us know and we will try to work around that situation......

Bring your ideas as to how we can acquire more members, generate a bigger presence in the community, gain club spongers and lay out our activities and events for this year. I know that is a lot to come up with but a little brain-storming wouldn't hurt too much.


If you can show up let me know by email at [email protected] or call my cell phone at 925-200-0206
Sorry for the late notice, I'll give plenty of notice next time.:)
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damn if your gonna be a part of that club i think i ll pass.
he he he he
I'll get you back for that remark Dave!

I think we need to start an east coast ssr club. Have some cool runs maby to v.a. beach.Our maby A.C. East coast rocks.:angel :cool
Sounds good to me - shouldn't let the West Bankers have all the fun!
Run To The Sun is at Myrtle Beach, SC on March 18-19-20 - our SSR's are to new to be in the show but plenty to do and see at the show and afterwards. And we could be in the Thursday night cruise down the beach drive. Then go to one of the shows on Friday or Saturday night (like Legends in Concert as an example)
Anyhow, I'd try to make it where ever the group decides!
:D If you guys are up for it, the autocross runs are happening at the Old PUngo Airfield on the left, just before you get to Pungo off of Princess Anne Road. Admission is $20 if you plan on doing a series of three runs. Very well coordinated event open to all cars but mostly corvettes show up and a few other hot rods too. Saw some amazing vehicles last time. Even though I did not race, I had a ball watching. Definately gonna race this sunday. Weather is going to be perfect and I am ready! Registration starts at 8AM-10AM Drivers meeting at 10:30 and then the first cars take off. The course is set up with a series of cones and electronically timed by my favorite Macintosh Computer Guru!
California Club

Our new web site is just started and is , we will be getting better as time goes on and as more SSR's join.

Our next get together is March 27th & 28th in Pleasanton, CA.

I'm bringing my SSR and my Impala SS to the Good Guy's Show, I'll be dropping off the cars around 5am in the fairgrounds (to get a front row spot) then going to Jim's for Breakfast and to meet up with everyone there. It's Only one month away, so lets get a list of who is going and also who is Pre-Registered and who's going to Breakfast. Everyone should get pre-registered now. I'm pre-registered and will be able to enter thru the front gate and park near or on the lawn in front of the cafeteria (my favorite spot), As usual we will meet at Jim's Country Kitchen at 5400 Sunol Blvd. - Pleasanton, Ca. 94566 - (Jim's Country Style Kitchen it is in the North West corner of the Raley's shopping center). at 5:55 am for breakfast first then around 6:30 am to the fairgrounds for the car show. For more info you can go to also for a map to Jim's go to:


We will also be going to the Stockton, CA Asparagus Festival on April 25th:
This upcoming event is tons of fun. I would
like to invite all of you to the Stockton Asparagus
Festival. This thing is huge. There is a car show and
I'm entering it. Here's a link.
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I have pre-registered for the Good Guys show in Pleasanton also. I will be there with mine. This is my first time displaying at a show. I have always just gone to Pleasanton to just look. I am looking forward to it. I am from San Jose.
Yesterdays Show

Sanger California Blosson Day Event report...

Great turnout for a 2nd annual event.

Lovegren Motors of Sanger was a very welcoming sponsor of this event - raising cash for Sober Grad activities at the high school..

Next Central California events:

March 12, 13 & 14th - The Bakersfield March Meet - Antique Drags

March 20th - Cambria California Chili cook off and Car Show...


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Lots of Interest

There were lots of old cars gathered - but the SSR - even though we were tucked away in a corner - sure caught folks attention. They'd spot it from across the lot and make a direct walk over to it.

My daughter had a blast doing the 'TOP DEMOS...'


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Broke into the 70's...

Great day for a show...


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