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Thanks to LadyinRed's heads up, I called Summit Racing. They have a power programmer for all GM engines to add to your HP. However, the sales guy had no info regarding the SSR and referred me to the manufacturer, Hypertech. I called them and the guy told me that they do not yet have anything for the SSR and did not recommend using an existing product for this new model. He said that we have to wait until they come up with something specific for the SSR. He told me the average HP gain is between 8 to 20 and not any more unless the car is completely out of tune from the factory. He said that was unlikely with this car and we should only expect an extra 10-12 HP.

He said that we should all call and have our name and numbers on their system. He said that if they have a lot of people asking for it they would get something out for sale. The price at Summit is $329. Not bad for 10-20 HP.

Here is their number: (901) 382-8888 between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm CST

Please call and add your name to the list. Thanks.
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