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The 2005 that I ordered way back came in today. I am trying to reach a deal with the dealer. MSRP is $47,790.00. It has the 1SB package with floor mats, running boards, cargo netting package, cargo compartment trim, front license bracket, towing package, and body color accent pkg.. I have been told that the dealer cost is $45,500.00 which includes transport. Close? Is there still dealer holdback in that figure? Are there any bonus incentives? Thanks, Don

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You might to try MSNs or other such sevice:

Build it up and then remember there likely is 3% holdback too. If your dealer won't deal, go elsewhere as most dealers have gotten the message on these units> take $500 over invoice and retain the holdback.

No programs that I know of in your area!

Good luck,

drc :party
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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