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· Canadian Pit Crew
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New Rally in Ontario for 2014

"Canadian Capital Tour 2014

In the Ottawa Valley - Peaceful/Relaxing/Fun

This is a new run that we are still planning and are wide open for ideas
The concept is keep it simple and fun
This resort is as popular in the winter as it is in the summer. rumor has it one member may bring his boat to do a little fishing

July 17/18/19/20 2014

July 17 -
for the early arrivals
Track Time - 4:30pm in the parking lot at the Resort
At the Track 5-7pm - We will travel over to the track and have some laps around the track following the pace car
and our own flame pace truck

Meet and Greet - Time : 7pm - 10pm at Calabogie Peaks Resort - Madawaska room
MT Pockets will have T Shirts that are pre-ordered NOTE: no preorder - no tshirt - see seperate thread

July 18 -
7am-10am - Dictator 101 Tech seminar
10am - 1pm on your own
1pm leave the resort for Pembroke ON
tour Chevrolet/Corvette man cave
5pm Supper in Pembroke - TBA
8pm back at the resort

July 19 - 9am - 3pm tour the Gatineau Mountains - led by mikeb326
leave Calabogie at 9am cross into Quebec at Portage du Fort and then back over in Gatineau into Downtown Ottawa
Lunch at Heart and Crown in the Historic Byward Market
mikeb326 has secured a private location for parking at $6 per car
After lunch we tour by the Parliament Buildings and then down the Sir John A McDonald Parkway back to Calabogie
We will pass out maps and gps locations at the meet and greet
4pm - 5pm SSR Tailgate Swap meet in the parking lot
Bar B Q Supper at the beach
Red Skin Potato Salad
Caesar Salad
Main Courses:
AAA Centre Cut Striploin Steak
Grilled Vegetable Kabob
Homemade Baked Beans
Corn BreadDessert
Assorted Ice Cream Cups
Freshly Brewed Coffee and Selection of Fine Teas
$26.00 per person at the beach

July 20 - Breakfast and Hugs + local plan

Calabogie Peaks Resort
Calabogie, ON, K0J 1H0

Ontario?s premier mountain, lake and wilderness resort | Ottawa Valley Ontario - Calabogie Peaks Resort

All Hotel Reservatios to be made by Phone under the "SSR Fanatics" block

Hotel Rooms
3- standard rooms with two queens $130
2- standard rooms with one king $130
5-juniour suites one king and a queen pull out $154.00
1-king suite one king bed and a queen size pull out $164.00
5 –Studios 1 queen bed $130
2 – two bedroom condo $175.00
1 – one bedroom condo $164.00

if you dont see something that fits your style of room ask when you call for what else they have.

Any Questions send me a PM or an email at [email protected]

· Canadian Pit Crew
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1) cancam - 2 - Pacific Blue - ON -Reservation made
2) mikeb326 - ? - Pace Truck - ON - Reservation Made
3) mikes - 2 -Aqua Blur - ON
4) SSRich - 2 - Silver Custom - QC - Reservation made
5) NEVREVRL8 -2 - Aquar Blur - ON
6) paulrlangevin - 1 - slingshot yellow - ON - Reservation made
7) Krazy Ed - 2 - Black - ON - Reservation made
8) Dicktator - 1 - coming with Elephant - FL - Reservation made
9) CRICKETMAN - 2 - Yellow -NJ - Reservation made
10) MT Pockets - 2 - Red - ON - Reservation made
11) waytrucks - 1 - Aqua Blur - ON -Reservation made
12)JONSUZ1771 - 2 -Pac Blue/Silver - NJ - Reservation made
13) RaticalSSr - 2 - Yellow Custom - PA - Reservation Made
14) DENZIE - 2 - Yellow - ON - Reservation made
15) DaveR - 2 - Red - ON - Reservation made
16) mike106 - 1 - Yellow - ON -
17) SSRBEBE - 1 - Yellow - QC -Reservation made
18) Elephant - 1 - Red Special Edition - OC - Reservation made
19) millerrg - 2 - Aqua Blur - IL - Reservation made
20) wingnutz - 2 - Aqua Blur - ON - Reservation made
21) SSR290 - 2 - Silver/Blue - PA - Reservation made
22) Open Slot 6/9/14
23) Sailing & Blue Streak - 2 - Pac Blue - ME & CA - Reservation made
24) Toes 1? colour ? - ON - Reservation made (Jockos Resort)
25) Trout - 1? colour - ON - Reservation made (Jockos Resort)
26) cancam jr - 2 - No Truck - ON - Reservation made
27) Clown Car - 2 - Ultra Violet -NJ - reservation made
28) Rebel - 2 - Black Custom - ON - Reservation made
29) sendit2al - 2 - Yellow - GA - Reservationmade (Jockos)

· Canadian Pit Crew
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1)Passport - will I need one - you wont need one to get into Canada but you will need one to get back into the USA
2)Ottawa, Ontario is Canada's capital and home to our Prime Minister
3)Calabogie Peaks is a Ski resort but the snow will be gone by April so no need to bring your snow ski's
4)If you are coming from the USA dont forget to get your cell phone carrier to put a Canada Roaming Package on your phone.
5) If you are coming from the USA stop on the USA side at the Duty Free store if you have not converted your US dollars to Canadian dollars. Note: you can use US dollars here but you may not like the exchange rate (under the category of "we saw you coming")
you may also want to pickup any discounted liquor/beer/wine/ cigarettes for your trip. Note: there is a limit so look for the signs stating how much you can bring across

· Canadian Pit Crew
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Directions and instructions

How do I get there ?
USA travellers
coming up I-81 cross at Thousand Islands ON /Alexandria Bay NY or Prescott, ON / Ogdensbrg NY
coming up I-87 cross at Cornwall ON / Hogansburg NY or Prescott ON / Ogdensburg NY or QC / Champlain NY (you will encounter french road signs until you get into Ontario which is no big deal as you can still read the hwy #'s )

Coming from the East once you get into Ontario you will want to follow 417W north of Arnprior to Calabogie Rd and turn left

Coming in from the West which includes I-81 and 401E in ON take Hwy 15 north to #1 to #511 north - this will be the most relaxing part of the trip!

· SSR Pit Crew
2004 Silver SSR with Strips. Owned 19yrs. Start 9K, now 166K miles
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Maybe, just Maybe we can do a Tech Seminar in Canada.

If Rich will help and I don't run out of $$ first, I will TRY real hard to do a Tech Seminar for all my Canadian Friends.


· Blue Angel
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Very interesting! Only 8 hours from here and a pretty drive the whole way. I just need to wait for the sailing race schedule to be announced.

I'm not real big on hiking anymore but did I see something about rafting nearby? :yesnod

· Canadian Pit Crew
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Hey Cancam, wondering if the Canadian Capitol Tour is open to those of us on the US side of the border? If it is, I may have to bring my :blur: up north!
Bob we planned this so you could use some of your vacation to come visit us from the midwest !! your passport is already stamped so need to stop at the border !!

· Canadian Pit Crew
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· Canadian Pit Crew
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Discussion Starter · #14 ·
Maybe, just Maybe we can do a Tech Seminar in Canada.

If Rich will help and I don't run out of $$ first, I will TRY real hard to do a Tech Seminar for all my Canadian Friends.

We would love to fit you into the schedule probably can even set up a hoist
so you can stand up to perform your delicate surgery!

· Premium Member
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Count me in as well. I can help out with stuff as well. Let me know what you need help with.
There is a race track in Calabogie. We may be able to get a parade type lap around the track - could be fun. I have some contacts.
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