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I've been emailing back and forth with Rich at CAR Motorsports (a supporting vender on here) and he told me the SSR Underhood Liner is going up at the end of January to $169.95 for the kit. You can save $10 and get it for $159.95 until then.

Also, I asked about the SSR cover they offer and about color choices for the embroidery. Here's his response:

As for the Car Cover, you may have any olor choices on the embroidery application that you desire. The total for the SSR Car Cover with embroidery on the Storage Bag, Front and Rear is $199.95 plus $15.95 shipping and handling. If we get a SSR Group Purchase going, I could wave the shipping and handling. Note that each of the SSR Car Covers ordered may be of different embroidery color selections, no limitation that they all be the same color.

I had asked if the "SS" in the logo could be outlined in black, or the lettering changed to black as the logo tends to disappear against the silver of the material. What I think I'm ordering will be black outline around silver "SS" and black outline (instead of silver) around the gold Bowtie on the back. I've also emailed Rich to see if the lock and cable are included in the kit.

Here's the description of the cover:

EXTREMELY lightweight and yet rated Storm Proof as to level of protection.
150 Denier woven polyester material coated with aluminized polyurethane and acrylic. Soft and non-abrasive to clear coat finishes. WILL NOT absorb water like some perforated covers (Evolution 4, etc.). Nearly waterproof, but breathable. Also provides excellent protection from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Custom cut mirror pockets.
Eyelets for locking cable.
Snug fit all the way around.
Long and low coverage to keep the wheels clean.

The CAR Motorsports cover is also a great value because it comes with:

Lifetime Warranty. Yes, Lifetime. No one else has a Lifetime Warranty cover.
Storage bag INCLUDED!

or you can email rich at

[email protected]


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Follow up: Cable and lock included

Rich responded to the question about the cable and lock:

Yes, the SSR Car Covers are the same as the C5 Corvette, TTA, or any others
for that matter when it comes to features and included accessories. Cable
and Lock, Patented Strap Tie Down System, Storage Bag, Embroidery etc.
My email address that I check every day is [email protected]
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