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I know there some people on this site that are from the San Francisco bay area. If anyone is interested in meeting other people with SSRs in the area there is going to be a car show in Rodeo, Ca at the Hillcrest elementry school on Saturday May 15th. From what i inderstand there are about 6-7 people with SSRs that are planing on being there that i know of at this.


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I'll be there too (Rodeo, CA). My Black#475 has been waiting for this carshow...Come join my free website and find out about your SSR activities and Custom stuff and much [email protected]

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Central Coast

Sound like a good gatherin' of SSR's...

I've not been back top the Bay Area since the Half Moon Bay show....

I'm not entered in any show this weekend - I owe my wife a trip to the beach!!!

But, on the way to Pismo - we'll drive thru Visalia (their downtown car show is tomorrow ) on our way to San Luis Obispo. There are 2 or 3 shows over in SLO county this weekend - so drive by's are in order. SLO city has a Roadster show - and Avila Beach has a big show too. I think Arroyo Grande has a show too.

I saw a few SSR's in SLO county a couple weeks back (Morro Bay show) - so it'll be interesting to see if they were locals...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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