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Car show on the boardwalk in Virginia

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Those of you in Va., W. VA., Washington, Deleware, and N.J. may want to check this out. This is a great show and has tons of vehicles all along miles of boardwalk. It is one of the biggest shows in our area and features great events, entertainment, and a nice atmosphere. Perhaps we can sign up as the ssrfanatic club? I plan on going for sure. Anyone else interested? I would love to see some of you all actually in person. The hotel rates are also very cheap in april.
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Question for cruzned...

cruzned said:
I will be taking a lot of pictures. Hopefully we will have a lot of our members show up and register. Registration opens at 8AM to 11AM day of the show April 30th, Sat. A lot of the SSR folks are meeting at my house between 8AM-9AM day of the show so we can cruise up there as a group. THat should be quite a show! I will post pics on this web site and on my own web site as well after the event.
Are you registering to be judged or for the show and shine? The wife and I are probably going to be there but I don't think we want to be judged.

Let me rephrase...

What is everyone else doing? If we register as a club and we all put the same thing down, we get a better chance for a club trophy, right?

I could go either way, so let's hear what others are doing.

Registration sent

Or actually will go out with the mail man this morning (Monday).

I marked it for Miscellaneous and as part of the SSRfanatic club. The wife and I have a room for Saturday night but will drive down early on Saturday morning to meet up at Ed's house. It should be fun.

Now if the guys next door to my wife's work can get our stripes done and the Axiom grill bars get here in time.......

Ed, I'll be sending a PM as soon as I post this. Looking forward to meeting everyone (and showing off what I, umm, we have done to our Blur. :reddevil ).


We got our registration confirmation in the mail.

They have us going on the boardwalk at 16th street. I hope that is where everyone else is going to be.


The wife and I will be getting to Ed's at about 8 AM and then we have a room for the night. We will head back to Dale City on Sunday. I'm sure there are some antique shops along the way for us to waste some time browsing.

Almost time to leave...

Eeyore is cleaned up and itching to go. I sure hope the weather clears up.

Ed, if you haven't left for your new career in Hollywood, we'll see you (and everyone else) in the morning.

A couple more...

I haven't had time to get them all posted, but here are a few.

I'll get some more up soon, I hope.

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1 - 8 of 50 Posts
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