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Car show on the boardwalk in Virginia

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Those of you in Va., W. VA., Washington, Deleware, and N.J. may want to check this out. This is a great show and has tons of vehicles all along miles of boardwalk. It is one of the biggest shows in our area and features great events, entertainment, and a nice atmosphere. Perhaps we can sign up as the ssrfanatic club? I plan on going for sure. Anyone else interested? I would love to see some of you all actually in person. The hotel rates are also very cheap in april.
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Not ignoring you Ed, would love to join you but can't make that road trip just yet. Hope you get others in your area to join you.
Cool, Black Betty is a Star!!! Yes it looks good on him.
Very nice shots. Looks like the perfect day for a car show.
1 - 4 of 50 Posts
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