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Careless and unreliable Chevy service

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I recently took in my 04' ssr for an oil change at my nearby Chevy Service center. I had dropped er' off at 8am and picked it up around 12. It wasn't until later that day when I dropped the car off at my storage garage downtown that I openned the hood to much discgust. They had torn the black fabric cover on my hood where you prop up the hood. Then I look down to the black plastic covering around the SSr logo housed in the middle of the engine that I saw a large chemical stain that will ot come out. :banghead. I went over and talked the manager/supervisor at the service and told him what had occured. The peice of garbage looks at like me like I'm lying thru my teeth about the whole incident. :mad. I didn't have my SSr with me when I went back since I had just finished storing it when I discovered it. I'm going to take it in next week and see what comes of it.

Has stuff like this happenned to any of your cars when taken in for "service"?
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that sucks!

I hope you get a good resolution :flag


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our prop rods suck (especially when idiots are involved) but whats worse is when the rod is stronger than the hood and the idiot kinks it when he forgets the prop :cuss
this is common on old caravans & civics :banghead
you can straighten the prop rod but a hood is usually scrap :flag
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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