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Good afternoon all!!!

Well, 14 day isolation leaves time to start my Spring SSR chores:
-Bed release actuator
-Door speaker vibration (not blown)
-Roof micro-switches

The release actuator is done, but I thought I would share a few hiccups.

The Emergency Release cable is easy. Pop the cable out of its slot on the left, then the cable will slip out of the fork.

First glitch: Getting the cable-clips off. Press in the tabs on the sides (first picture). This releases the attachment AND the cable adjustment (I missed that). Now, slide the loose connector in the direction shown in the second picture and it will come off the button (red arrows in third picture). Basically away from the direction it comes into the box.

Now, unbolt the box. 3 Torx T-30 bolts (you can't see them...). 2 on the left side and 1 just above the actuator on the right.

I took a different route with the wire connector. The fourth picture shows the GM connector up close. I nibbled all of the housing plastic off the connector, except the retainer clip (sorry, forgot to take a good pic). This allowed the GM connector to fit the VW part. I cut a little slot in the VW part housing for the retainer clip. I put a dot of Shoe Goo on the retainer clip to prevent it slipping loose. The fifth picture shows it in place.

Reassembly "seemed" to go well. I connected the cables and buttoned everything up. Then I tested the release... It made noise, but nothing happened! PANIC!!!

Second glitch: The release clips are also the cable adjusters. I, mistakenly, assumed that adjustment was by turning the connectors on the end of the cable. Since I hadn't turned the connectors, the adjustment should be unchanged, right?

WRONG!!! After reassembly, while the cover is still open, you need to press the top of the clips (yellow dots in sixth picture) to lock the cables to the connectors. Now, test the operation by slowly pulling on the tab the actuator pushes. If both latches release simultaneously (mine did), you are done. If not, a little cable adjustment may be necessary.

@dictator (and Ed Borland) thanks so much for your repair guide!!! OneDrive

I hope this adds a little to it!

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