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Stopped in my local carmax to get my 98 gmc 1500 appraised, In the middle of the showroom sits an 05 SSR aqua blur loaded with all the trimmings 3000 miles on it, price 34k. I am amazed that it is there. As I am looking at it a salesman starts telling me all about the SSR( most of which is wrong) I just ignore him and smile at his ignorance, one thing he did say which I have never heard of was that there is only 300 made with the aqua blur paint. I say where did you get that information and he points to the carmax sticker where it is hand written" only 300 made this color"
I am sure somebody on this site knows if thats true or just more salesman BS, please let me know

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If it's an Aqua Blur, it has to be an '05 or a total color change re-paint.
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