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I have an 04 that's just a few weeks old and wonder if all the SSR's center storage lid opens like mine does? I have to press the button in on the right side plus pull up on the cover. Not a one hand operation for sure. How does everyone elses operate?


My 03 and 05 pop up enough to get my fingers under. I should say the late 03. It's alrite someone else is enjoying it as much as I did I bet. :cheers

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Use the Search Function


Unfortunately this is the way most of them work. Use the search function to look up "Center Console" or similar. You will find all sorts of posts on the subject.

May the SSR Gods be with You

E :thumbs

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A fix.

This thread and this post talks about your problem.

Based on the call I recieved from Lansing I would have thought that was fixed on all cars past some unknown serial number.

There are several things you can do.

- Push the armrest back to the right. Then don't hug the arm rest. (I know that's not a truly acceptable solution)

- Fix the armrest so it doesn't slip around on the hinge bracket.
1 - Push the armrest up till it latches.
2 - Remove the screws (6) from the underside of the rest. (service manual pg 8-514&5)
The two lower ones hold the rest onto the hinge.
3 - Look at how the upper half fits to the hinge. in particular look how the posts are sloppy inside the holes in the hinge.
4 - Take aluminum foil tape and cut circles about 2x the diameter of the posts and put four or five of them on the end of the posts. One at a time. Form the tape down over the sides of the post. With each added layer pierce the foil to make it easier to install the screws later.
5 - Press the now alum foil padded posts into the holes in the hinge and test how tightly they fit. Add or remove layers until snug.
6 - Reassemble the arm rest around the hinge.
7 - Test. You may have to torqe the arm rest back to the right, just enough so the latch centers in the slot of the console. Go easy, a little at a time.

The above has the advantage of only needing a Torx screw driver and a roll of aluminum foil tape like that used in air conditioning.

There is another fix that involves removing the entire console, modifying two parts, power tools and a bit of artistic carving skill. Not for the faint of heart.

The tape fix works pretty well.
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