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Hey guys, I have heard from a couple of you all on here that the SSR is supposed to have some factory modifications starting in mid '05. What exactly are these changes that will be added to the SSR? Thanks.

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Mark in NY probably knows this better than the rest of us, having gotten the inside scoop at Woodward (I'm still jealous) so hopefully he can fill us in.

The 6 speed is due for later release, and we should see modified door panels so you can reach the seat heater and adjustment controls without opening the door. Not sure what else is in the works. I'm hoping to see an optional wheel design - never been a fan of the current style.


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New for 05

HI group,

As most of you already know I was among the few lucky SSR owners that had been invited to attend the SSR Team media event at Coney Island in Athens. We all were albe to chat with many of the key people that were involved in bringing our beloved SSRs to reality.

I know that Tom, Doug, Scott, Ken and others also heard about many new things that are to come too. To let you know I am just giving you some of the few things that I remembered that were to be fix issues and or new optional gear that might be in store for the 05's and beyond.

1.) Door panels will be modified to allow for hand access to the seat and heater controls. (mid year)
2.) A factory spoiler (perhaps a bolt on that can be retro fitted to earlier years)
3.) Chrome options (Chevy bowtie bar, grille bars, fog light bezels, interior trim pieces, door handles and Velcro trunk chrome strips.
4.) New soft storage containers/bags that can attach to inside of bed rail areas.
5.) A dark plexi cover for the radio area in the dash which there is a small hole in it so you can open it up to access the radio controls etc. (saw that on one of the designers SSRs)
6.) Silver quilted under the hood blanket (sports the same SSR logo)
7.) Customised engine cover option

I hope that the others might chime in and correct me or add to the list. I will add to this list when I get to talk more with some of the designers again.
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