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First, let me say what a great community this is! As a newbie to the SSR world, I'm so happy that there are many great fanatics willing timeshare their knowledge and experiences...thank you all!

Here is another small issue I have been having, that there is probably a good answer to...I have had a recurring issue with my check engine light coming on. In have replaced the gas cap and that seemed to fix the problem at least fact, the light went out after I installed a new cap. I had the codes read at my local garage and the mechanic seemed to think that the cap had been the problem, and cleared the codes.

Last night, we were out for a drive and I hit the gas hard to pass a car...light came on. The other times the light came on was when I hit the gas hard as well.

What do you all suspect I should be looking for?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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