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For those who would like to see a glimmer of what GM CAN do when it gets serious about power, check out:

This is GM's downloadable book on how to make the 2.2 liter Ecotec engine into a real race engine (track or dragracing or Bonnevile), getting as much as 1250 hp or so out of the little 2.2 liter.

Fun reading.

Makes you see even more how our LS series engines can be so easily hopped up. IT's flat amazing how GM uses some production parts even at the very elevated horsepower levels of the more exotic buildups.

Jim G

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GM gave me Some of these engines and five different Ecotec powered
cars to play with, these things are amazing to say the least. Our
Sunfire is running in the 11's with not much done to it. Dyno- Jet
says well over 400 whp. We currently working on a Cobalt SS
factory superchaged that we are going to compound charge with a
turbo, this is a 2.0L with factory forged internals, Saab trans.
I still like the rear drive vehicles best, picked up a Solstice friday,
12 lbs. of boost will make this a fun car, looks like an LS-2 would fit though !
.........later, RICK
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