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Chevrolet replacing driveshaft under warranty

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This is probably old news to some of you, but just in case others don't know, Chevrolet IS replacing the aluminum driveshaft on my 2004 SSR with a newly designed one that includes some sort of dampers that will eliminate the "ting" sound I get right now every time I put the SSR into gear, forward or reverse, and sometimes duing gearchanges as well.

What prompted me to investigate is that I drove up to a speedshop where I am planning to get my rear axle ratio changed soon, and the experienced mechanics there instantly asked "do you know your u-joints are failing?"

I took the SSR into the Chev dealer and a Chev mechanic verified that the "ting" was there, but found out that Chevrolet has identified the cause as windup in the aluminum driveshaft followed by sudden release against the u-joints. They have developed a modified driveshaft design that includes some form of damping mechanism to prevent this phenomenon. The dealer orderd it in, and when it gets here, he will install it in about one hour of work.

I wanted to get this corrected BEFORE I had the rear axle ratio swapped, so that there can be no claim that the ratio swap somehow caused it.

Jim G
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I am amazed at how some of your dealerships are taking care of your warranty issues. I actually have the replacement hinges for my SSR and my dealership is giving me all kinds of grief to get them installed. This morning they said I would have to pay for the installation which is a huge chunck of change! I said no way. So here I sit with faulty hinges from an early vin # SSR and the dealership is jerking me around. Unfortunately, their mechanics are the very best in the area and I don't want to go to the others. Guess I am between a rock and a hard place. They did not even know the part no'.s of the hinges until I showed them the new ones. They are clearly thicker than the one's on my SSR by about a 1/16" in places, maybe more in other places. I asked them if they had the service manual on the SSR and they said they did not know? How could they not know? They either have it or don't. Guess they will need my service manual to install them too. I am getting pretty irritated with all this stuff!!!! :rant :rant :boxing :rant :boxing :cuss
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My guy in their body shop is good. I had the same prob. with one side being higher and he fixed it but the time outs still continued. I would do this myself but now it is down to the principle of the thing. They should fix this problem!
04Z16-Been using Priority because I believe in their mechanic and he does know how to fix my problem. The problem is with the leadership and bureaucracy. I plan on making copies of everything and faxing it to them. I looked at the parts and they have numbers all over the place! I just wrote em all down and will fax them the receipt that came with them.
Good news. Just talked with Priority Chev. in Chesapeake, VA and they are going to install the hinges I have. NOw they just have to find a date where they can squeeze me in!
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