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Scott Doran said:
If they had told us that OK but we were told that it would be arriving the next day.
Not true not honest.

Scott Doran

All of my dealings with ChevyMall have been very positive. When I sent my contact an email regarding Scotts issue - I rec'd a quick reply, and he was GLAD to have the chance to respond. His primary concern was that Scott lives in CANADA and there are issues with shipping to a PO Box in Canada. Chevymall apparently can't ship to a PO BOX with FED-X so, they had to send Scotts order via USPS - which made it kinda hard to track...

So, Scott - did you get a double order - and pay for both or did one set of your stuff come for free???

BTW: The SSR leather coat is real NICE - and made in CANADA....

RickSSR - when did you order? and what poster? If you want to PM me with you info (name of poster and name on order) - I'll look into your order too.

Folks from ChevyMall do check in here at SSRfanatic, so hopefully they are already looking into Ricks order too...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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