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I am away from home (Austin, TX) on contract assignment in Atlanta, Georgia for probably a year.

I want to look at getting a rear axle ratio change on the SSR, plus other work including computer reprogramming preferably on a dyno, and since I am in Atlanta for that long, this is the place to do it.

I want to get it done at a shop that preferably has a majority, or all, of the following experience and expertise:

1. Chevy shop (vs Ford or Chrysler, or xxx) so they know GM differentials & engines
2. Shop dynamometer and SKILLED operator
3. Chevy shop so they can also reprogram my SSR's computer KNOWLEDGEABLY
4. Specific experience with proper shimming of a differential ring/pinion set
5. Reasonable proximity to metro Atlanta

Anyone out there who can give me some recommendations?

Jim G
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