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"This replacement fan for the Chevy SSR is built from GM P/N 15819952 (Corvette Z-06 fan) and drops directly into the existing brackets on the radiator.
Airflow improvement above the OEM fan is 20% on low speed and 50% on high speed.
The fan is shipped complete and ready to install with no additional hardware required.
The MFK-2 fits into the existing space with no conflicts, even on the 03-04.
It connects directly to the existing 3-pin fan wiring harness and has additional / separate power and ground connections.
All wiring is built to the highest standards.
The two speed functionality of this fan is identical to the original SSR system design and is significantly robust with increased airflow.
Inrush (startup) current to the new fan is 30% higher than the OEM unit and requires connection of the additional power and ground to the SSR electrical system.
Installation is simple and can be done in less than about 20 minutes.... even for a novice.
This fan is NOT a foreign-made clone. It is created from a genuine GM (Delphi) fan and uses only the highest quality components available.
Fits all years. Airflow through the SSR radiator was measured at 2850 cfm in a small wind tunnel."

Would like to get $350, which includes shipping to anywhere in the USA is free. See my EBAY item #113228825890 for photos.

I bought it to solve overheating problem, but traded the SSR before I installed it.

I think Simple Engineering is asking $450 plus shipping

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