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Chris Shuttle @ Hendricks Auto in NC!

Well I have been bouncing back and forth between 2 dealers.

I had to go with the closest one for family reasons but i wanted to give some feedback on the one listed above.

UNREAL!. Chris is a great person, made me a great deal and was saving me money on the truck. He went an extra mile and a half to help me and it kills me not to buy from him.

I am ust in a bad situation with travel and could not make the trip up there and ack even though they offered to put us up in a room and pay all the fuel charges.

I want to say again that if anyone wants to buy a New SSR give this man a shot, he makes incredible deals and will bend over backwards to help you get what you want for the price you want it for.

I will say it again, If you want a new SSR call him and give him a chance.
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