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When I got the inventory of parts from Floyd's garage, there was a rather well-used chromed hitch in the mix of stuff. It was the one that he used on his Parade Truck to pull his trailer.

The chrome was tired and had given up in a few areas, so I had it re-done. The re-chroming of the long part of the hitch was quite successful and I was able to get the rest of the hitch cleaned up and a fresh coat of silver paint on it. It looks and works really good. The only part that I was not able to restore was the plastic handle. It was stained when Floyd originally had the hitch chromed and the little white cap over the key slot is missing. Sorry.... those parts are not available from Oris (the German manufacturer of the hitch).

I have the two keys with the plastic knob on them and am going today to get a third key made to complete the set.

The hitch insert is for sale at $400. This includes a Hitch Storage Bag and shipping to anyplace in the lower 48 of USA. Proceeds will go to Floyd's estate.

Thanks for looking,



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