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Roadster, by definition: Old fashioned", "a vehicle with no top and only 2 seats". I would say it is a typically a low profile, 2 seater that has either no top or one goes down, it has to be a hot rod underneath, and usually has been modeled after 40's and 50's vehicles.

I looked to see what was close to our SSR's; roadsters by definition.

The criteria should be somewhat equal, no 911's, ferrari or MB SL 55 AMG. If it lists for more than $100, 000 it's in a totally different league.

I found 2 that really are similar, for obvious reasons; the Chrysler crossfire SRT, and the MB SLK 55 AMG Both are definately roadsters, have cool tops, nice lines and are hot rods. Unfortunately the loaded SRT is $60k and the MB is more, and both are short about 50 ponies compared to the SSR. It makes me feel like we got a bargain. Everything is perception, but I prefer the view from here. I don't think the Audi TT or the other tiny roadsters are competitors for the SSR, most are more expensive, but they are tiny. The Jag XKR is nice, but thats over $70k and I don't care for them, inside mainly. I'd love to try the SL 55 AMG on for size, but at $120k MRSP, it's not happening anytime soon.

Anyway, thought some perspective from somewhat comperable competitors would be nice. Oh ya the vet, drove one, it's a racer not a rider IMHO, no offense, and it's $10k more.

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I would like to say PROWLER, but its in a class by itself.
Nothing can touch the looks of a Prowler.
YES, I have a 05 SSR.
I love my SSR, it feels good and looks good and runs good.
When I drive the custom Candy Prowler with the hardtop on it,
Everbody is looking and asking questions.


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How funny. I agree the prowler looked cool, but they never put close to enough ponies under the hood, failing the "hot Rod" performance, albeit some of the best roadster looks. The ole Morgen, what can I say, real nostalgia beyond my years. The viper, like the vet is a sports car to me versus a roadster, subtle difference IMO. Also there is no comparison between our SSR's and vets or Vipers, they are built for different purposes. I was just thinking out loud and wondered what you thought. Fun, thanks.

Thank God when chevy decided to make a retro ride they used a 40's p/u and an El Camino for the models instead of a milk truck. I don't care how they drive or how nice the paint is, still a milk wagon to me, lol.
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