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Recently I posted about diagnosing the cluster running my battery down and my decision to upgrade the radio as I had the dash apart. Many thanks to the Forum members who weighed in with advice as it was spot on. I want to share the results.

1) The Dash Doctor in Grand Rapids rebuilt the dash and swapped the lighting to blue LED. He correctly predicted that the rebuild would fix the battery drain issue but not the DIC issue. He suspects the steering wheel switches but suggested have someone with a Tech 2 watch the data traffic. Most of the DIC function works. Just can't change the personalization options nor is there a range calculation.
2) The writeup in the library for taking the dash apart and cluster out was spot on. I did the trim around the airbag trick as suggested. Glad I did as I discovered that I had left the cluster gasket out and it was EZ-PZ to pull it back apart and install.
3) Very impressed with the Pioneer AVH-1440NEX head-in unit as recommended by Crutchfield. The Crux interface unit they sent gives the steering wheel button function. I started with the reverse trigger from this same unit wired in for the new back up camera but it was a little flaky so I hard wired in to the reverse lights. (Same as camera power)
4) Had to dremel out the back of the radio cavity to make work as it kept the unit from getting all the way seated and also hit the USB cable coming off the back.
5) Installed a USB jack under the dash. Mounted the microphone near the AC knobs.
6) Lowered the license plate in the rear opening as the camera blocked out the MICHIGAN on the plate.

Fun project. Now I need the 40 hour course on how to operate the radio! I am ready to Pandora & Podcast for the drive to Watkins Glen in September. Sound quality is superior to the factory radio.:smile2:


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Now I need the 40 hour course on how to operate the radio! :smile2:
Exactly, I put one of the newfangled radio/CD player thingamabobs in my pickup. One knob for volume and that doesn't even turn it on/off. Everything is tiny buttons with cryptic labels if they have one, many don't. But since I only drive it once or twice a year I can never remember how to make it work. :banghead
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