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okay - I'm ready to pull out the coin holder to replace it with the cup holder we purchased and I've seen the post where it mentioned four small screwdrivers could be used to depress the tabs so it can be pulled out - but ...

where exactly are the 4 tabs to depress - does anybody have any pictures - perhaps i missed them but I can't find any.

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The tabs yuo are looking for are at the top and bottom outer edges of the coin holder.
When I removed mine I used two small screwdrivers, one at the top center and one at bottom center. With tension on both top and bottom and the coin holder pulled out for something to grip, give a slight pull outwards from the dash. You may have to wiggle it a little to get it started, but it will come out. Once it starts it will come out easily. The cup holder will just slide in the slot. MAKE SURE YOU SWAP OUT THE FRONT COVER, it too just snaps off and then on to the new holder.
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