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Sold I have a coin tray for sale. It has the face plate on it and is in good working order. It came out of a dash that had been sitting outside under a cover so it was dusty. I gave it a quick clean up but you might want to blow it off or go over it again. $80 shipped to lower 48. Send me a message. Thank you
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Hey Dick I would like to offer you some advice you love to give to others so often.
READ THIS SSRs for Sale section guidelines

I have highlighted the last thing in it to make it easy for you.
NOTE: Do not make comments on someone's Sale thread bashing them, commenting negatively on their price, or saying "I got this cheaper somewhere else". If you want to help out other members, create your own thread.

I would also add this. If you felt I had an item over priced, why wouldn't you send a private message to me? I am not someone who just came on here to sell something.

I have always priced my extra parts below what I have seen others priced at or mine below theirs. While I do not feel I should have to justify my price, I feel a need after your post.
First off, if you search the GM part number it is no longer available from GM. There is a Chevy dealer local to me who has some for sale on Ebay
Their price is $147.95 plus shipping of $8.95. total of $156.90 Mine at $80 is a pretty good deal and theirs doesn't have the face plate.

Wild Bill's sells the face plate for $39.95 plus $10.20. So that is another $50.15

So if your new one is $45 and even if it ships for free, add in a face plate at $50.15 that is $95.15. Mine is priced at $80 including shipping. Still saving someone $15.15. If your new one charges shipping then mine is an even better deal.
Sorry, Sorry, Sorry. I didn't mean to do that!

I made a mistake, happens.

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