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Alright you guys (and you know who you are) who teased me in my "Santa Fe rescue" thread about not having all the technical dope on my Bad Boy 4.2 L six loaner Trailblazer LS.

You figured there was no way I could do instrumented testing on that LS (Lethargic Slug), but you grossly underestimated me. :)

Later today or early Thursday, the SSR Fanatic Board will post its first (semi) official road test! :flag , and by popular demand (got you!), the test subject will be none other than the infamous Santa Fe 4.2 liter Trailblazer LS. I know you are all DYING to get the straight goods on this incredibly desirable power animal.

This collectible, historic article will include full (well, close to full) acceleration data from an onboard G-Tech RR accelerameter that yours truly miraculously happened to have with him (some people carry PDAs or pocketknives. I carry solid state computerized accelerometers with software interfaces, tuning cables and software, and a Sony X505 1.7 lb full featured notebook computer). :)

This no holds barred report will expose the myth of the 275 diminuative disappearing ponies that this powerhouse ride is purported by GM to be packin'.

Great persistence and great personal risks were required to actually procure this previously unpublished data!

Stay tuned . . .

Jim G

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Don't quit now Jim.

Jeez Jim, I'd hate to have you watching my dog for a weekend. Have to have a pix of the accelerometer hanging off his ear.


Peace :flag
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