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Spell check! :cheers:

I haven't looked into all of the details yet, but there is a new version of our forum software available that has spell check for Internet Explorer users.

I'll get it on the schedule to upgrade soon.

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Yeah I Is

Buffy said:
A ******* in Janesville, WI? :willy:
It's true Buffy. There are ******** in Wisconsin.
As Jeff Foxworthy would say, You might be a ******* if:

Your truck is taller than your house. got one.

You need a step ladder to get into your truck. yep

Your garage is bigger than your house. yep

You have enough parts laying around to build another truck. yep

You have more vehicles than places to park them. yep

As well as a few others. :jester

Now i'm fixxin to read afew more writtins. :lol
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