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Computer chip question

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Just trying to gather information and this is a great place.
Has anyone modified their chip with Superchip or Hypertech(or any others).
Whats your experience.
I looked at the Hypertech (#30022) but in checking directly with Hypertech they won't guarantee it will work with a 2003 SSR, only the 2004. They haven't tested and don't know if the computer is the same.
Am considering getting one , even for the modest HP increase but don't want to waste money.

Any input is appreciated.

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There were no powertrain changes between 2003 and 2004.
freezer, a question for you.

With your credentials its clear you know what your talking about. In addition to the drivetrain was there any difference in the computer as this may cause the Hypertech not to work. If the computer and drivetrain are the same then the Hypertech for the 2004 should work

Thanks in advance for your input

I do not recall any changes that should have an impact on what you are doing. We were spending all our effort on the '05 stuff.
Since Freezer seems to know everything, any knowledge on the 05 upgrades, ie hood struts, gauge package (which seems to be different from the one available for the 03 and 04), and the windbreak? Will these be available for us old timers with the 2004's?
Some answers

I have tried to gather some info, including from Tom Byrnes from this site. Here is an email response from Hypertech Tech Support:


GM has different computer calibrations in both 2003 and 2004
model SSR's and we do not support the 2003 at this time. We will
eventually but no release date at this time. It could be a month or 6
months before available. We gained 10hp and 10tq at the wheels on the
2004 model. Thanks


Because of this I have decided to go with the Diablo Predator which will work for the 2003. Bought this from Tom and have to wait a couple weeks for supply from the manufacturer but I'll post back after I get it. Not going to dyno, just subjective results. Granitelli is saying they are getting 20-30hp.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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