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I was in Chicago last week. I pressed the button to lower the top and the DIC displayed "Reduce Speed" and the top would not lower! I then noticed that the battery light had come on, the "check gauges" light was on, the fuel gauge was reading zero and all mileage readings were --------. I went to the closest Chevy dealer (Olympia Park) who quickly blew me off, saying they were to busy to get to me. I then went to Arrow Chevy in Midlothian. They quickly worked my truck in and proceded to filet the truck apart. They checked the battery (good readings), they hooked up the diagnostic equip. and it was giving general error messages mostly concerning communication errors, nothing specific. The mech. wanted to check the Body Control Module in the roof storage area so we tried to raise the hatch cover manually. Hopefully none of us will have to do this, EVER, as the cables to release the cover would not operate as described in the owners manual! Finally, the mech. used his oversized "PalmPilot" to open the hatch and partially raise the roof to access the module. Nothing out of the ordinary in there! After querying Chevy on the computer, to no avail, he decided to try reprogramming the "computer". As soon as the download was complete everything started working properly.
No reoccurence of the problem on my trip back to Alabama but as I had to put her in the shop for some paint repairs I have them looking over the system? also replacing two of the Bose speakers that were blown (someone had maxed out the Bass and Treble adjs. on the radio and played the stereo full blast-I guesse).
I guesse the upshot of all this is, has anyone else experienced anything similar? or did I finally win a lottery?
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