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Cops and Rodders Car Show This is one of the best one day shows in California, go to my Impala SS Club web site to read about it at but hurry and download the form and send it in, they only allow 700 pre-registered cars in the gate.

I'm bringing my Impala SS and my SSR to this event ! It is that Good! We will meet up with the Impala SS group and drive in together so use the same info from that site to get there and meet except if you need help call me at 925-200-0206 , I will also need a head count on how many SSR's are coming in so we can park together. We may be going to dinner in Old Town Sac after the show but not known yet.

Bruce Corcoran
925-200-0206 Cell
2003 Red Chevy SSR "SMKN SSR" #1503
1994 Black Impala SS "94 BBB" #708
1980 Silver GMC Caballero #39874235387234985875275 :>)
WARNING: Objects in mirror are about to disappear !
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