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Corsa Exhaust Group Purchase!

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We're running a group purchase that covers all exhausts that Corsa produces. This will allow you to save 15% off of the prices that are listed on our website. 10 or more orders are required by Monday, April 25th for this to go through. Orders can be placed online or by calling 1-877-4-TBYRNE (1-877-482-9763). The first batch of systems will be ordered as soon as we receive 10 orders.

"Fine print"

IMPORTANT INFO: Most products to fill each GP are ordered at the end of the GP. They usually take 1-2 weeks to ship from here, but some items could take longer based on the size of the group purchase and availability with the manufacturer. Depending on the product and our available stock, some orders will be shipped from here shortly after the GP comes to a close. Remember, you need to place your order if you are interested in taking part in a GP. Be sure to check the status of the GP that you are part of on it's closing date to see if is going through.

MORE IMPORTANT INFO: All credit cards are processed a few days before the GP closes to insure everything will go through without a problem and to lock in the order. Orders canceled after your GP order has been processed will be subject to a 10% processing fee. Orders for products that are non-stock items (not normally kept in stock) can not be canceled so be sure that you would like to be part of the GP before you place your order.

WHEN SHOULD YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER?: We find that alot of people wait for the required number of orders to be placed before they get in on the GP. If everyone does this the GP minimum is never met. If you would definitely like to join one of the group purchases that are listed it will be best to place your order as soon as possible. Your credit card won't be charged until just before the GP comes to a close (as long as there are enough orders) and the minimum will be met much sooner. This will allow you and the other participants to take advantage of the savings.

ORDER LINE - 1-877-4-TBYRNE (1-508-636-0770 in MA)
E-MAIL - [email protected]

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Hold-Off if you have a 2005

I was talking to the guys at Corsa who also told me that while the 2003-04 model will technically "bolt-up" to a 2005, it is not properly tuned for a 2005 and sounds very harsh with a whistle at full throtle. So, they are redesigning and retuning a 2005 version. ETA: 2 months.
Here's the e-mail I got from Corsa:

Unfortunately, the 14252 will not work on the new 2005 SSR. The system itself may bolt up (I believe), but the acoustics on this larger displacement 6.0L are very different from the 2004's 5.3L and the system sounds very "harsh." We are currently in the process of designing and testing an all new system tuned specifically for the '05 with the 6.0L and should have something before too long (probably a couple months since it is very complex). I will pass your contact information on to one of my sales/customer service reps and ask that he notify you as soon as we have something ready. Sorry we don't have anything ready right now, but due to the nature of our technology and how we use sound cancellation to tune an exhaust note specific to each vehicle we often spend a bit more time in R&D than many other exhaust companies. In the end, we feel the extra effort is worth it, and I think anyone using one of our systems will too.

Thanks for your inquiry and your patience. We'll be in touch.

Ed "Blake" Burgy
Automotive Product Manager
Corsa Performance
140 Blaze Industrial Pkwy
Berea, OH 44017
440-891-0999 Ext. 123
[email protected]
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My Dynatech headers were $1500, but cost another $600 to have installed. It took them all day to dit it. But - they are AWEDSOME.
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