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Just realized that I didn't post this over here.

We have a Corsa Exhaust Group Purchase running through Wednesday, March 1st. Pricing is lower than we are allowed to advertise but you can receive a quote by giving us a call at 1-877-4-TBYRNE (1-877-482-9763) or sending an e-mail to [email protected]. This GP covers all systems that Corsa produces so please let us know the part number your looking for and the vehicle it will be going on when you contact us. 10 or more orders are needed for this to go through. The first batch will be ordered when we receive 10 so it will be benefical to place your order early. "Fine Print" can be seen in the Group Purchase section of our website.

The new CORSA Performance SSR exhaust system is specifically engineered for this limited edition vehicle, loaded with both curb appeal and performance potential. Crafted in the USA from 100% stainless steel, the CORSA system features a straight-through design for unrestricted exhaust flow, increased horsepower and torque.

Utilizing patented* Reflective Sound Cancellation™ (RSC™) technology, the CORSA exhaust allows for a full-bodied bold sound during hard acceleration and a quiet resonance-free note at cruising speeds - perfect for comfortable conversation and music-listening enjoyment. Quality, engineering and performance, in concert with power.


Straight-through, nonrestrictive design, specifically tuned for the Chevrolet SSR, increases exhaust flow.
Flow bench-tested 89% gain in exhaust flow vs. stock system.
All 304 stainless steel construction, crafted with pride and precision in the USA.
Patented* CORSA Reflective Sound Cancellation™ technology for superior sound.
Dual rear exit with single handcrafted Pro-Series 4.0 tips for enhanced vehicle appearance.
No welding required; Bolt-on installation
Includes hardware and illustrated installation guide.
50-state emissions legal.

2004-05 RSC Sport System Dual Rear Exit with
Single Pro-Series 4.0 Tips
Part # 14254

2004-05 RSC Touring System Dual Rear Exit with
Single Pro-Series 4.0 Tips
Part # 14255

SSR Y-Pipe Kit Converts 2004 SSR to 2005 or
for Superchareger use.
Part # 14099

Have a good day!

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I have the Corsa too and love it, my brother got his used from craigslist but I wanted a valid warranty so I got it here. Corsa Exhaust 14254, or you can try one of the sponsors here on the forum, they are allways having sales/specials. Either way its a great exhaust system, sounds great, and very easy to install.
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