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Can any of you guys tell me whether Corsa make a system for the '05 6.0litre LS2?
Their website shows one for the 2004 but will this fit my '05. I had a Corsa system on my 2000 C5 'Vette and it was coool!!! Or can anyone recommend a better one? It will have to be shipped over here of course. :thumbs Also is there any news on the Predator yet that should have been available in late March according to their website?? :thumbs

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Mad Dog,

There was an earlier post about their new system for 05 - If you do a search for Corsa, it should pull up.

I believe their system will physically fit the 05, but the 04 system designed for the 5.3 has a harsh sound on the 6 litre engine - they are retuning, and expect it to be available in a couple of months.

I wasn't sure which system to go with, but the fact Corsa would retune for a specific engine impressed me -

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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